We ARE Brand Management!

Brand marketing services for all businesses.

Buskirk Media is a brand management and advertising agency. We make sure your message is consistent across all mediums while conveying why you are a step above the competition. Everything from logo design, ad production, traditional advertising, search engine services and social media services. Creating and managing your brand through top-performing  campaigns for businesses in mediums that are only limited by your imagination (movies, billboards, race car sponsorships & 30 ft stand-alones). Of course we specialize in social media management such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram on your behalf. We use relevant media marketing services to help businesses grow and meet your advertising goals while keeping your brand in the forefront.


Who Will They Remember?

Creating a consistent brand/message is a task usually taking second place when compared to dealing with the day to day fires that pop up. But a well developed, simplified brand with a common message and logo makes it easy for a potential customer to remember a company when it is time to purchase.

Creating and managing brands is one of the most important and challenging activities in all of marketing. A brand can be an enormously valuable asset for your company if it's done properly. In fact, for some companies, brands are the single most valuable asset the company owns.

Full service brand management means creating, maintaining, and boosting your brand so that customers see your brand in a positive light. A Favorable brand can mean retaining key customers and gaining new customers because of the influence of your brand. Buskirk Media strives to manage your brand through several key services that will set you apart. 



Your logo is a central part of any brand identity system. It needs to be instantly recognizable and your customers should know exactly what your product is and what your business stands for. Brand Logos aren't just the artwork, but the color choices and the typography that will remain consistent across the board. Brand Logos should be simple, iconic, and consistent across all mediums of your identity package. Buskirk Media specializes in creating fantastic logos, sure to get your brand recognized.


Identity Package

Packed with a full range of print assets, brochures, packaging, financial files, presentation template, web elements, vehicle decal designs and more, your company's identity package will be designed properly to become iconic and recognizable whether in the mail, in the office, or on the street. Customizable to your needs, we can create a beautiful brand identity that will include unique items that appear to be cut from the same cloth.



Your customers act on feelings, we want them to LOVE your company so much that they become brand advocates and tell their friends about you. Clients that see a value in your business pay a premium for your products and services. Let us build that value through creating a meaningful brand experience for your clients. We want you and your customers to feel and love the value your company creates.

Social Media Made EASY!

We take Social Media Marketing and Internet Management to the next level so you can focus on what you do best.




Ensuring you stay in front of your current clients constantly provides branding like you've never seen. Increase your traffic and increase your company's overall positive visibility.



Placing your website at the top of the google search is our main priority, because it provides you with the most value. We will get your brand to the top of the list. There's no better way to get your brand in front of new clients than to be exactly where they're searching.



Make sure your clients stay engaged and feel welcome. This is key to a positive Brand Experience. We take personal care to use your company's unique voice to ensure your clients work as brand ambassadors on your behalf and keep coming back.


Welcoming, targeted ads you know are working.


Your clients are online now, lets meet them.

In this day and age clients are connecting more and more through the internet. Mediums such as facebook, youtube, and mobile apps are getting more ad revenue than ever before.


advertisers will have spent $72.09 billion on U.S. digital advertising by the end of 2016, while TV spending will account for $71.29 billion.
— Forbes
Digital will represent 37% of US total media ad spending [in 2016]
— eMarketer

Targeted Audiences

Social media advertising can specifically target your business' audience. Using years of advertising experience, we geofence and target your audience better than anyone else.



We use metrics to inform you to the interactivity of your advertisements throughout the sales funnel. From awareness, to interest, to the sale and further push toward retention and advocacy. Our clients enjoy the luxury of knowing exactly how their ads are working.

One Stop Shop

With years of television and radio advertising experience it has never been easier to consolidate all of your advertising and marketing needs in one place. Production and publication of your ad campaigns through the same agency that wants to ensure you have the best brand identity exponentially increases any advertising budget's ROI.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 12.50.08 PM.png


Expertly Produced video advertising that is designed to be multi-use to get more for your advertising dollar.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 12.50.32 PM.png


Aside from producing audio rich video ads, Buskirk Media produces exciting adventures exclusively for audio listeners, optimized for both online streaming and radio.



We 'multi-purpose' your television ads for youtube or other mediums and even provide expert production staff and equipment for your VLOG and online content.